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The Park Festival is a beat that moves inside the heart of a small town in Northern Macedonia – Gostivar, since 2019, but also the summer stopping point for many artists and music lovers. With a variety of different music genres ranging from hip hop, rock, jazz, and electronic music, in the past 2 years, The Park Festival has hosted many global, regional, and locally known musical artists. With a strategy that aims to attract all generations and offer music for various preferences, our festival has continuously been able to protect and promote genuine cultural and artistic values. Despite all the shocks and hits that this fading health crisis has given to the world of music, deeply touched by the new reality, the organization and realization of The Park 2020 proved true experience, ambition, maturity, and seriousness of an entire team behind these events. With all these achievements and positive results accomplished in the past two years, The Park Festival managed to get the well-deserved attention of professionals and has been highly appreciated and ranking as one of the preferred festivals in the region. In an open environment that symbolizes the much-desired freedom where the art and nature interweave, The Park 2021 welcomes you again to celebrate life and enjoy musical moments starting from July 29th through August 1st, at the City Park in Gostivar.

Erton Veseli

Project manager & compulsive organizer

Jeton Veseli

Chief creative officer & Idea generator

Agron Kurtishi

Digital marketing strategist

Vlora Demiri

PR, media relations


PR, media relations & content disseminator

Taurika Neziri

Venue design architect and Exterior evangelist